Jamaica Me Want to Write with Sabrina Henry

Sabrina Henry is originally from Jamaica. She is the third of five siblings with for children of her own and have been married for 16 years. Fun fact: Three of Sabrina’s children were born in 3 different countries! In her past life, she traveled the world has an educator. A few years ago, Sabrina switched career paths to take on the titles of entrepreneur, author, and project manager. She loves and enjoys researching and cooking new recipes or creating her own. Traveling is another favorite thing. Her joy for writing has birthed six self-published books (two of which are for adults). When Sabrina is not writing, she keeps busy by caring for our younger children, tending to her many businesses, and traveling.


AJ: What is your book about and what is the motivation behind it?

SH: I have published 6 books so far. Two are mainly for adults and 4 are geared towards children.

AJ: How has your Jamaican culture influenced you as a writer?

SH: I love cultures and always find myself including mine somewhere. I admire all cultures, and I am always trying to learn about others’ cultures.

Jamaica is admired by many for various reasons and so I am proud of that and always willing to share. I have incorporated my culture in all of my books so far. Our culture is what makes us who we are. When writing, I am always ensuring that I explain words that are probably not familiar to everyone. I’ve always wanted to be a journalist and did a little of that when living in Jamaica. I know Jamaicans are all over the world and our talents are dispersed in myriad ways all over, so I embrace that. I use what I know and love to share in my stories.

So far, I’ve made connections to all my books by including my culture in one way or another because I am proud of it and will continue to embrace it no matter where I might choose to live. My Jamaican culture also reminds me that you can be great anywhere and that you take it with you everywhere you go.

AJ: Have you faced any challenges because of your culture when it comes to navigating the literacy space?

SH: Not much. I would consider those challenges minor. I find it difficult to find illustrators who are from my background, and so trying to explain what I’m hoping for to folks who are not from the same background led to some difficulty, but all were manageable. The other issue I faced is trying to get my books to be sold back home since they are published and printed here in the United States. I’m referring to the expense of getting them shipped there or taking too many copies at once when I travel could be an issue. It can be quite difficult to get them in stores, but I have been working on that, and so far two of them are in one major bookstore in Jamaica. These I wouldn’t consider to be major issues and not totally related to my culture, though.

AJ: As a previous educator, why was it important for you to become an author?

SH: I know from experience that reading has a host of never-ending benefits. Children and adults need to enjoy a print rich environment and books and other reading materials need to be present in places where life exists. Everywhere. My understanding and awareness of the importance of reading materials always pushes me to want to be an integral part of making such things happen. Variety in reading materials can spark different interests, and humans need that. Everyone’s work might not suit everyone, but it will always suit someone. My hope is to continue to enforce and support this truth. I have donated several copies of my books to various facilities and individuals to encourage reading.

AJ: . How have your children and/or family influenced you as a writer?

SH: They support me by giving me time and peace to write. They, too, know the value of reading and writing. My family is part of my culture and so I intertwine them in my writing each time I get a chance. My family is aware that I’m a lover of words and a lover of writing and so they always let others know I am an author, too. They are proud of that. They tend to seek my help when it comes to writing and this helps me practice as well.

AJ: What is next for you as an author?

SH: I have several other books that I have been working on. One includes a recipe book. I also have a game about Jamaica that I am working on and hoping to release soon.

For more info, visit the following social media pages:
Sabrina N. Henry (Facebook)
@brina_427 (IG)
authorsabrinahenry (IG)
B Success (YouTube)



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