Ashley Thomas Reigns Supreme as the Leading Truck Driver Recruiting Business in The South

Supreme Driver Recruiting is the #1 truck driver recruiting agency, and the 1st Black Woman Owned Call Center In The United States. Its founder, Ashley Thomas, takes pride in the business she has been able to create in such trying times.

“Providing Jobs For The Whole Block”, her call center agents average 5k to 12k a month working at Supreme. In addition, it offers the top paying jobs to truck drivers and top paying freight to carriers.

Not only that, on a more personal note, Ashley’s drive and passion comes from her desire to fulfill her 90 year old Great- Grandmother’s wish to put a million dollars in her bank account before she leaves Earth.

Supreme Driver Recruiting seeks to be the main source of top paying employment for all CDL Truck Drivers in America with call centers in Dallas TX , Atlanta GA, Charlotte NC, Midland TX and Arlington TX.

In addition, Ashley’s non profit organization, "Divorcing The Game’' seeks to assist current and former exotic dancers, drug dealers, and anyone who is or was trapped inside of the street life to transition into a more professional setting within the trucking industry.


AJ: Why is entrepreneurship important, especially post Covid?

AT: As minorities , so many opprotunities are noe out there for us. The focus should be to find your passion, to serve and meet a need. Once you identify that, turn it into your business. Bigger brands are getting double tax breaks to partner with minorities. Now is the time!

AJ: Why the trucking industry?

AT: Trucking is a $800 billion industry. I started in 2017. Working at a call center, a friend asked me to get a truck. I told my granny she said ok. However, the friend backed out, so my granny and I still decided to get the truck only to have it stolen! I felt indebted to her, so I quit my job, found the truck and moved forward with the contracts I secured. I took that time to learn how to recruit and discern drivers and to grow my business.

AJ: What challenges have you faced thus far?

AT: Being a black woman in the industry, in a predominant male industry. I have to earn respect. In addition to hiring the right staff.

AJ: In addition to being the 1st Black Woman Owned Call Center, what other glass ceilings do you seek to break and why does representation matter?

AT: I want more corporate business and to sit in positions of decision making and authority to help provide other minorities with the same opportunity as well as be the bridge for overseas workers as well.

AJ: Tell us more about your non profit and how this group of people can benefit from a career in the trucking business.

AT: From my own personal experiences in street life, God gave me a vision. People need to know He can deliver them too. I seek to use my past to help others out and into a better and healthier life.

AJ: You speak about your great grandmother's wish, why is that important to you and what is the lasting legacy you would like your family to leave to generations to come?

AT: She didn’t have to take me in when my own mother left me on her doorstep. She kept me in the Word and made sure I knew who I was even when I made poor decisions. If it weren’t for her prayers, I wouldnt still be alive. She was a sharecropper’s daughter and invested in me, that is the least I can do. As far as my legacy, I am building people up now so that they are prepared and know the importance of building and leaving a legacy.



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