By: Tammy Allison, Esq.


I lasted an entire decade. I don’t even know how. The injustices that I experienced personally and those that I observed through the application of the policies and procedures applied to U.S. citizens and non-citizens, were problematic to say the least. As a senior attorney with the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ), I served under the Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations. No matter the administration, the racial injustices were consistently the same.

The injustice is why I have decided to resign from federal service to focus on what I believe…

Encouraging and Empowering the Men of Tomorrow : Encourage Me, I’m Young-

Calvin Mann leads the movement that continues to inspire and produce results in the lives of boys and youth. His brand also impacts and touches the child in adults, where there is a child inside who unfortunately did not get encouraged. His current awareness campaigns,

Emiy National Respect Day and Smash Suicide, are impacting schools all over the world. As a result, many boys and youth now thrive in leadership which has become transformational in other areas of their lives. In addition, Calvin’s mentoring program creates the future…

Charles Anyichie, native of Houston, Texas, moved to Los Angeles, CA in 2017 to give birth to his vision of the Cooking With Flavour brand. Who knew that his weekly how-to food videos would soon go viral, ushering him into a league of his own. Always having a passion for the Culinary Arts, Charles never embraced it as much. The exposure from his videos opened his eyes to the wealth of supporters who really enjoyed his content..

Selling his recipes online generated a demand that allowed him to travel and further expand his business. Today, Cooking With Flavour is now…

Anitra Thames of Safe Audio

Black Media is more important than ever before. In a year full of confusion and uncertainty my company Melanin Valley and our partner PR firm N D TooGood Enterprises, thought it was important to help restart the economy by first engaging with our local media. How can we be the first to spring our black media community back into action without creating a sense of fear and confusion about worries of “The Rona.”

With this pandemic looming over the entire world, it was extremely important that we find a way to help our most active and essential members of our…

Finding Your Purpose When There Is No Clear Direction

By Lissha Sadler

Author Lisa Renee never gave up, no matter what life threw at her. Born on the south side of Chicago, she understood the struggles young Black women face at an early age. After the traumatic experience of losing both her parents, Lisa found herself learning to adjust to life through her faith at an early age. Now Lisa’s purpose in life is to inspire, uplift, and empower everyone she meets. …

Interview By: Lissha Sadler

Brandi Benson is an American speaker and cancer advocate, who has quite a story. In 2009 while deployed in Iraq, she learned that she had Ewing’s Sarcoma, which is a rare form of cancer, at the tender age of 24 years old. It started as just an unexplained lump in her leg. Brandi did not know if it was a tumor or something more serious. After her diagnosis, she went through her treatments and reclaimed her life through therapy, physical activities, and other healthy-living practices. Brandi travels all over the country speaking at different engagements about…

The Medium of The Pardon Attorney™ : Attorney Tammy Allison


During one of the most impactful presidential elections in the last 40 years, I thought it was important to hear from a fellow ADOS (American Descendent of Slavery) who has both a legal and personal point of view of the world today.

  1. Thank you for joining me Tammy Allison, Esq. First, please, introduce yourself to the Medium world. Let us all know a little about you.

Hi! Thank you for having me. I’m a first-generation Nigerian-American that grew up in Texas. I’m a mom and my choice of profession is law.

2. As a former senior attorney with the United…

Ambition And Determination … Virginia Dori’s Path To Success

Interviewed by Lissha Sadler

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” ―Nelson Mandela

Author/Publisher Virginia Dori is a high technology and marketing professional turned novelist, after migrating to the U.S in 1981 from the Philippines. After overcoming the losing of her son and battling Breast Cancer she released her novel, “Walk with Destiny” which has sold over 100,000 copies. With three new books in the works and a new tech company on the rise, Virginia Dori is sure to take the literary and tech worlds by storm.

LS: What inspired your literary journey?

VD: Before I immigrated to the U.S…

Interviewer: Lissha Sadler

One of the most eloquent and blessed voices of our time, Tymara Walker, set the stage musically Christmas 2016 when she gained worldwide fame from a video of her singing an impromptu rendition of “Oh Holy Night” in a D.C. subway station. The video of Walker’s breathtaking solo went viral. Before her voice touched the people of the world, they were sharpened singing on the steps of her father’s church. Since 2016, Tymara has entertained millions at various events such as the House of Blues Gospel Brunch at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, and the…

Trail Blazing The Highways Of Her Life and Brand…

Interviewed By Lissha Sadler

Born in Atlanta, GA and raised in Statesboro, Tereion Henry graduated from Claflin University summa cum laude in just three years with a degree in Public Relations. She is a serial entrepreneur and social media influencer who started her own trucking company called Blu Transportation. Due to her overly ambitious personality, she created multiple subsidiaries to Labeled Blu Transportation, as well as an introductory virtual course into the trucking industry. Tereion has been afforded the opportunity to reach the masses and provide the flexibility that is essential…

Black Authors Matter

B.A.M was built to give the cemented and newly emerging authors of our culture a place to be acknowledge.

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